Sine Forma



SINE FORMA  is a multidisciplinary performance art company under artistic leadership of Anna Maria Suykerbuyk. 

We create site specific theatrical experiences and  multidisciplinary dance theatre performances.  

Our work is driven upon the impact  the current social, political and/or environmental issues have on us on an individual or collective level.   Sine Forma responds to this impact  by creating theatrical experiences that challenges our audience members to go beyond the familiar and closer to themselves. 

We don't work with one strategy,form or skill: we believe that collaborations inspire the best results. Therefor, Sine Forma believes in creating multidisciplinary experiences. Whether this is a dance performance , a theatrical installation on site or both combined: together we push ourselves to be able to achieve more. 

In our work this is being translated by artistic collaborations between artists that bring a diverse skill set, the location, concept and audience and with Sine Forma and the partners involved. 

The frame we off may differ but we will always challenge ourselves to and bring out the best by combining multiple disciplines of art to tell one story and trigger our audience members.