Sine Forma

Alleen zijn we Samen

“Alleen zijn we samen”

Can you see him? Sitting over there on the bar, playing his guitar between bottles of wine and full glasses? He is pleading for love, playing on ode dedicated to me. I myself am seeing nothing. I am blinded. By love. I lost myself when I gave myself to the other. I think it went wrong when I took a leap of faith. It’s not too late I guess. For all the cliche’s I mean: complete surrender, unity and all other unconditional love crap.

“Alleen zijn we samen”, or “Alone together”, is an acoustic dance dialogue between a contemporary dancer and a musician. A theatrical experience on site, about loosing ourselves in the other and finding each other in ourselves.

This performance was part of the Dutch ‘Cafe Theater Festival 2017’ and played at the award winning wine bar ‘VinVin’ in Utrecht.

Dance: Anna Maria Suykerbuyk Music: Bas Gaakeer

Thanks to: Cafe Theater Festival, Eline Karstens, Sjoerd Derine and VinVin